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Kaweco BLACK Steel nib 060 with thread

Kaweco BLACK Steel nib 060 with thread

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The carbon black coated steel nib is an accurate working tool with the DLC (Diamond-like Carbon). This coating of the nib is highly durable. An iridium point at the tip and a precisely measured nib slot minimize the tolerances of the line widths from Extra Fine to Double Broad.

The nib comes in a black tin box with a unique sleeve, whose design was created from a 70s Kaweco advertising.

Thanks to the screwing mechanism in Kaweco writing instruments of the middle and higher price range, the nib section can be changed quickly and enables the use of a wide variety of nibs. The black Steel nib has a 060 thread and fits in our metal Sport series like AL Sport, in our Lilliput or the long writing instrument series, e.g. Dia2, Student or Special. 

*Text from Kaweco Germany