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Benu HEXAGON Collection -Hexagon B
Benu HEXAGON Collection -Hexagon B

Benu HEXAGON Collection -Hexagon B

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Graphic and flamboyant, the pens from the Hexagon collection features the pattern of nature’s most perfect six-sided polygon shapes. Aesthetically pleasing, balanced, and harmonious, with its seamless symmetry and balance, Hexagons are the true inspirations for those who prefer edgy geometry design.

Available writing modes: Fountain Pen

Material: acrylic resin

Trim material: stainless steel

Length: 14 cm/ 5. 51 inches

Weight: 20 g.

Cap: screw-on, can be posted

Fountain pen refill: international standard long cartridges or converters

Fountain pen nib: stainless steel Schmidt nib #5

Available nibs: EF, F, M, B